Online VAMS Enrollment

(for Employers and Organizations)

Connecticut is currently focused on enabling vaccine access for individuals who are eligible under the current Phase for the COVID-19 vaccine roll-out.

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Who should complete this form:

Employers who have Phase 1b-eligible workforce in education and childcare should complete this form in order to enroll in VAMS to upload these individuals to enable them to schedule a COVID-19 vaccine appointment.

Phase 1b-eligible individuals are Educators and Child Care Providers: Pre-K-12 Teachers, paraprofessionals, custodial staff, food service providers, school bus drivers and childcare providers as well as in-school administrative staff. Does not include individuals who are not required to work on-site in a school. For more information about eligibility, visit: Vaccine Eligibility for Education and Childcare (

  • Educators (PK -12)
  • Childcare Providers

About VAMS:

The Vaccine Administration Management System (VAMS) is a secure, web-based application for COVID-19 vaccination scheduling and administration. VAMS is by invitation-only and your organization must register in VAMS. Each organization must have an Employer Coordinator who can identify the individuals in their workforce who are eligible for Phase 1b and upload these individuals one at a time or in a bulk list format.

A doctor administering the vaccine to a patient's arm.


You should complete the survey if your workforce is Phase 1b-eligible individuals who are Educators and Childcare Providers.

All employer coordinators should review the instructions before submitting this form to ensure that confirmation and enrollment emails can be received. Visit: VAMS-Communications-12-22-20.pdf (

One employer coordinator from each organization should complete the survey below.

The employer coordinator should be an individual who has access to a roster of employees within your organization (first name, last name, email address) who are eligible under the current phase.

Upon completion of this survey, the CT Immunization Program will review your submission to request your access to VAMS. Upon approval, an email will be sent from VAMS to your employer coordinator to register the organization.

Once registered, the employer coordinator can upload individuals eligible, under the current phase, one at a time or in bulk. The individuals you upload will receive an email from VAMS inviting them to schedule a vaccination appointment once supply is available.

The VAMS Employer Portal only allows the same person to be the employer coordinator of ONE organization. If you are the Employer Coordinator of multiple organizations, provide only one organization which will cover all your organizations.

Only Connecticut addresses for organizations will be accepted by the system.

If you are not an employer coordinator for the education and childcare workforce, please do not complete the survey. For other scheduling options, visit: COVID-19 Vaccination Scheduling Options (

VAMS Training Materials are posted here.

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